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Automate your pricing strategy through real-time rate optimization and never miss another opportunity again.


ApprAIse RMS by Hotelitix provides an affordable and easy to use Revenue Management System that will simplify the way you manage rates, track and analyze your performance. <> Set your rate limits and let Hotelitix automatically optimize and update your property's rates based on internal and external demand factors. Or take the driver's seat and manage rates manually while reviewing the recommendations. With Hotelitix you have full control. <> There is no need to subscribe to another service to get your competitor's pricing data. Hotelitix is a one-stop solution that comes with its very own rate shopping system. Add or remove competitors on demand, see detailed future rates as well as how their prices moved through time. <> A dedicated Analytics section offers intuitive charts and tables to keep track of key performance metrics and various statistics. Understanding your pace, booking curve, and pickup trends for custom date ranges have never been easier. Our user-friendly tools will let you finally say Goodbye to Excel. Supported features: 1. Automatically send optimized rates from Hotelitix to Mews. 2. Synchronize historical and future booking data 3. Track Key Performance Indicators and monitor predictive analysis based on market demand, pickup/pace and recent booking patterns.