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AquaO is a software dedicated to wellness facilities management such as Spas, Thalasso, Thermes.


AquaO offers a large range of features to manage customers (manage the stays, plan the treatments, follow the customer during his whole wellness experience) monitor the activity (reports, marketing tools, B2B point of sales, accounting exports, ...) through a modern front-end interface. it also offers an online portal ta manage online sales and self-made planification.

AquaO is interfaced with Mews to allows facilities that use the two software to simplify the booking and payment processes. Example: a customer purchases a package in Mews, the wellness stays details are posted by Mews to AquaO. AquaO manage the wellness stay (creation/treatments booking/ ...) then posted back to Mews all the additional treatment that the customer should have done during his stays. At the end, the customer pays his global bill directly in Mews during his Check Out.

Your Supported Features:

1. Find the customer in Mews and get his stay details

2. Create the "Hosted stay" in AquaO (if wellness products have been sold in a package through Mews, they will appears in the AquaO hosted stay)

3. Plan the packaged treatments and add additional one if necessary in AquaO3. All the additional sales are posted to Mews to allow the client paying his whole bill directly during his check out.