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The Atomize application automates demand modelling and price optimization enabling hotels to do more less, thereby lowering costs and improving margins.


Atomize is an innovative Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider for hoteliers who want to do more with less. Atomize’s focus is to maximise room revenue, by automatically setting the optimal rates.

By harnessing the power of big data and machine learning, Atomize is the first RMS to provide real-time price optimization. Unlocking huge revenue opportunities and giving hotels the competitive edge in their respective markets.

Atomize’s application is a clear demonstration that a modern sophisticated tech solution doesn’t have to be complex and expensive to operate. Through automation Atomize is helping hotels, large and small, thrive with fewer staff resources. Atomize has a global footprint with customers in over 50 countries, ranging from 40 to 1,250 rooms per hotel.

Key Features:

  • Device agnostic, mobile first design
  • Real time optimization
  • Automated rate pushes
  • Independent room type yielding
  • Action orientated intuitive design
  • Exclusive third-party data sources such as:
  • Comp set data on room type level
  • Market demand data such as booking and travel intent, as for example OTA and flight search pressure.
  • Dynamic weight balancing of data inputs.


Benefits of using Atomize:

  • Save hours of valuable time with real-time price automation. Atomize will increase your efficiency and save hours of manual work by eliminating any manual tasks related to tactical pricing through automation.
  • Stay ahead of your competition with future demand insights. The powerful insights from future demand data helps Atomize users detect recovering demand – before it shows on the books and enables the hotel to be more proactive with their pricing to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Sell every room at the optimal price. Atomize price different room types independently of each other based on actual demand. With Atomize, room prices are being automatically adjusted, whenever demand changes, 24/7, 365 days into the future.
  • Increase your market share. Most Atomize customers see an uptick in RevPAR Index (RGI), many by more than 10% the first quarter.