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Avalon is one of the best hotel data analytics & revenue management software in the market with its great selection of features and superior customer service.


If you are looking for not only a BI tool, but also a place for your teams to feel empowered to make revenue-generating decisions, Avalon Analytics is your go-to choice as it offer several tools for increased communication that scales with your hotel management needs in order to save costs, save time, and drive more revenue and profit.Anything you might want in terms of a data intelligence tool is possible with Avalon. Data dimensions available include market code, segment, group, channel, number of adults/children, booking status, rate code, source, room type, charge room type, lead time, length of stay, VIP status, membership, company, travel agent, country, or anything that comes into your mind. We can aggregate your business data analytics served on a silver platter – so you can focus on what matters the most, increasing your revenue!From multi-property performance evaluation to single property reporting, Avalon allows you to deep-dive into data analytics that cover most of your needs as an individual, chain scale and portfolio property owner. You can quickly identify where you need to invest your time and focus on revenue-generating insights with Avalon’s user-friendly visualization dashboards. Your Supported Features: 1. Analyze your revenue performance 2. Automate your weekly reports 3. Receive daily reports in any format 4. View multiple properties reports5. Manage your account performance