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Smart ANPR parking Arriving guests park their car before going to the reception for check-in.


Optimize guest welcome with License Plate Recognition for effortless entry and exit

Upgrade your hotel or holiday park to modern standards and enhance customer convenience and security with AVUTEC’s cutting-edge ANPR cameras. Designed to integrate flawlessly with the Mews reservation system, this solution provides a seamless, automated entry and exit experience that your guests will love.

Why Choose AVUTEC’s ANPR Solutions?

Automated convenience: As soon as a guest's vehicle nears the parking entrance, the Gatekeeper-X or Module-X camera identifies its license plate and verifies it against your reservation system. There's no need for tickets or manual check-ins; the barriers open automatically, offering your guests a seamless welcome upon arrival.

Flexible and adaptable: Whether you manage a bustling city hotel or a tranquil holiday park, the ANPR cameras cater to all types of environments. The Gatekeeper-X features a motorized zoom lens perfect for long-distance ANPR up to 30 meters, ideal for larger properties. The compact Module-X is perfect for closer range and can be integrated into any terminal or mounted standalone.

Enhanced security and control: The advanced camera system verifies check-in and check-out dates and times for each reservation. It supports multiple license plates per booking, ensuring seamless access for all vehicles associated with a guest's stay.

Easy integration and operation: The ANPR camera interfaces with all existing access control systems, but can also operate in stand alone mode opening a barrier by itself. With direct integration with Mews, setup is straightforward—simply add a license plate to a reservation, and the system takes care of the rest.

Global reach: AVUTEC's technology transcends borders, offering worldwide recognition coverage for plates using the Latin alphabet. AVUTEC camera systems are equipped to handle the diverse range of license plate designs and standards found across the world, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Enhance your property’s appeal and operational efficiency with AVUTEC’s ANPR camera systems. Offer your guests the luxury of convenience and safety, setting your establishment apart as a leader in hospitality innovation.

For more detailed information on how AVUTEC can benefit your business, contact our sales team at sales@avutec.com. Experience the future of hospitality with AVUTEC—where entry is the beginning of an exceptional guest journey.


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