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Hotel Trends On the Books - Benchmark future reservations against the market Hotel Trends On the Books allows you to peek into the future and see how your reservations are building up against the market 365 days ahead.


Are you missing some strong demand period or are you building up reservations to fast during a big event? Is demand stronger or weaker than at the same time last year? Conference Trends - Benchmarking tailored for conference operations Using the since long established concepts of Hotel Trends, Benchmarking Alliance has opened up for conference venues to start optimizing their revenue based on solid data. Daily collected numbers on conference revenue and number of delegates is combined into KPI:s such as revenue per square meter (RevPAS) and revenue per delegate (RevPD). Restaurant Trends - Boost your up-selling and spin your tables faster Comparing yourself against competitive set numbers, you will be able to see what levels of revenue per seat are obtainable and how fast others are spinning their tables. This will allow you to improve your own performance by training staff and adjusting your work processes with those levels as targets. We make a distinction between lunch and dinner data in order to reflect the different dynamics between the two. Event Intelligence - A proven concept to optimise hotel room revenue Benchmarking Alliance tracks events in selected key markets and provide detailed event information side by side with hotel performance data. The Event Intelligence service allows you to evaluate how well you capture the increased demand during specific events compared to your competitors. Market studies - New insight into the market and your own business Benchmarking Alliance regularly performs studies on various aspect of the hospitality industry. Recent topics include distribution channels and profitability. The results from the studies are reported back to participants in report formats that are easy to digest. Some studies are done on a regular basis, and yet others evolve into more frequent surveys online.

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