Benchmarking Alliance

Benchmarking Alliance provides visual dashboards for industry benchmarking and analysis across a number of key hospitality areas, which you can use to make informed business decisions and accelerate growth.

By benchmarking your most important KPIs, this integration provides you with accurate daily competitor benchmarks across hospitality's most important KPIs, such as RevPAR, ADR, Occupancy and CRevPAS.

The solution provides powerful analytics and reporting that lets you drill down into the data and focus on the trends and events that are affecting you. All the data can be accessed easily via the Benchmarking Alliance online analytics platform, or through Excel reports. Your data remains completely secure – you'll see relevant benchmarks based on your direct competitors, but no one will ever see your own unique data.


  • Hotel Trends On the Books: benchmark future reservations against the market
  • Conference Trends: benchmarking tailored for conference operations
  • Restaurant Trends: boost your up-selling and spin your tables faster
  • Event Intelligence: a proven concept to optimize hotel room revenue
  • Market studies: new insight into the market and your own business

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