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For ten years Beonprice has helped hoteliers maximise the revenue per room of their hotels. During this time, the hospitality industry has changed a lot, especially as a result of the pandemic, which has highlighted the key role of technology along the full lifecycle of the guest journey. We believe that it is time for the hospitality industry to focus on digitalization and to explore new non-room revenue streams. To reflect this new mission of the company, Beonprice has decided to evolve to BEONx, a new name that reflects our transformed vision: the next level of intelligent digitalisation needed to optimise revenue strategy for your hotel business. What’s in a name? We have rebranded ourselves as BEONx in order to share the exciting journey we see ahead for our industry: - X marks our ten year anniversary. - X indicates the exponential, the untapped massive profit potential within your business. - X is the crossroads, where data points intersect in one seamless platform. - X marks the unknown, what is to be discovered.