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BeSafe Rate is the prepaid rate with insurance included that secures hotels’ revenue from cancellations and protects the stay of their guests.


## How it works ##

Thanks to the Suite on which it operates, the service connects the insurance company directly with the management system used by the hotel to receive online bookings, offering travellers a rate with insurance included.

The hotelier will not have to worry about handling the refund claims paperwork, BeSafe will take care of it.


## Benefits for you ##


- Increase in disintermediation and cashflow

- BeSafe handles refunds claims

- Improve your guest experience



## Benefits for your guest ##


- Dedicated customer support during all stages

- Reserved Area where guests can consult the insurance policy and add fellow travellers

- Refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount



## A flexible and custom solution for your hotel ##


The insured rate comes in different solutions to accommodate the needs of any

hotel and its guests. The current solutions are:


- **BeSafe Winter,** the rate for mountain hotels that also includes compulsory liability on the slopes.

- **BeSafe Summer,** the rate for hotels operating during summer, which also protects guests against injuries caused during outdoor activities.

- **BeSafe Business,** the rate for city hotels and more, which also protects against cancellations due to events and missions.



## About the company ##

BeSafe Rate is a product of BeSafe Group, an insurtech company specialised in the hospitality and travel industry. Since 2017, BeSafe Group has been designing, developing, and distributing tech and software products for hospitality operators and their guests, aiming to digitalise the hotels’ services for their guests. Based in Italy, BeSafe Group provides solution suitable for the European market.