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Blent is the leading solution for building dashboards and tracking performance from everywhere.


****Build dashboards and track performance from everywhere.**** Connect your data from any tool and track it from any device. No more logging into dozens of different tools to understand performance — now you and your team can easily connect your data, build and share reports, monitor trends, and discover insights.

**Easily track thousands of metrics from all of your tools**

All [Blent integrations]( []( packed with the most popular metrics and their common visualisations already built into them. This way, you can spend less time figuring out how to visualise your data and more time actually acting on it. Mix and match metrics from different sources in one dashboard and get a more complete view of your performance at a glance.

**How it works**

- Step 1: Connect all your data. Combine different data sets in a collaborative digital environment that replicates the reality of your properties. Uncover the right insights to build a powerful business.
- Step 2: Drag-and-drop BI builder. Real-time information, KPIs, P&L and in-depth analysis of your business allow faster, smarter decision-making across all teams.
- Step 3: Make the right decisions. Seeing the numbers in a visual way makes it simpler to spot trends, variances and anomalies, and inspires business decisions based on data from across the company

**Key Features**

- **Financial & operational reporting.** Automating your financial reporting lets you close the month faster. Cut down on manual data collection, and let the finance team’s true value shine through
- **Planning budgeting & forecasting.** Get a virtual planning partner that makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Budgeting and forecasting shouldn't be a solo job.
- **Customer behaviour and journey.** Automatically collect all the data on your customers: what they click, where they go, and what they do - even when you're not looking. No need for months of research!
- **Data consolidation in groups.** Collaborate in a digital environment that mimics the reality of your properties and combines different data sets. Uncover valuable insights to build a powerful business.
- **Analysis & Scenario modelling.** Examine and evaluate possible events or scenarios that could occur in the future, and predict the various feasible results or outcomes.
- **Datahub Enterprise.** This is a comprehensive solution for managing open data platforms, enterprise data catalogs, data lakes, and data management. It is open-source, mature, fully-featured, and ready for production.