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BookVisit is a world class booking engine and open commerce platform with a seamless integration to MEWS, BookVisit has over 2500 customer ranging from independent hotels, resorts, camping sites, B&Bs, hostels and hotel chains.


Through the integration of a Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and payment processing, BookVisit's personalized approach empowers you to easily oversee sales, marketing, operations, and the overall growth of your business.

BookVisit provides a holistic solution for your online sales, marketing, and distribution requirements, allowing you to effortlessly sell rooms, packages, add-ons, activities, gift vouchers, and conference rooms.


  • Book a room: Website integration, calendar, room selection, add-ons and secure payments.
  • Packaging: Create packages and sell mandatory, dynamic, and optional add-ons
  • Activities without accommodation: Sell spa entrance, activities as standalone products.
  • Channel Manager: Connect to OTA’s, GDS.
  • Gift Cards: Sell your gift cards and let your customers redeem them online.
  • Conference: Sell your conference rooms online, for the day activity or with an overnight stay.
  • Reputation Management: Work with and track your reputation online.

Mews and BookVisit

Supported features:

  • Price, availability, and restriction updates from Mews to BookVisit
  • Sending reservations from BookVisit to Mews.

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