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Launched in 2021, our Guest App offers a simple, fun and personalized guest experience.


Intuitive, it allows the guest to easily access the information and services available in the property and during their entire stay (before, during and after stay).
Everything is just a click away: whether it's to check-in, book their menu, their massage, access the city guide, watch their Netflix series or leave a review. The hotel gives the guest the freedom to invent a stay that suits them.
Advantages of the Guest App solution:
- Communicate effectively with your guests thanks to the digital room directory, push notifications and SMS
- Personalize each client's stay in a unique and memorable way: satisfaction and loyalty guaranteed.
- Increase your income: through unique enhancement of your services and commissions on external services
- Manage your activity thanks to the dashboards and better customer knowledge
- Be flexible: modify your menus, activities and prices independently thanks to the Back Office
- Optimize your administration: online check-in and check-out, payment platform, advanced integration with PMS and POS
Over 600 hotels in 17 countries can’t be wrong: try us!