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BrainyRMS is a revenue management system, which provides analytical insights to the user in near real-time.


With BrainyRMS, clients can avail smart pricing strategies to be able to set prices for their properties. These can be of any capacity ranging from a small guesthouse to hotel with hundreds of rooms. In general, Revenue Management Systems (RMS) provide insights into the basic flow of revenue of a property. But, with BrainyRMS, you can not only have a detailed look into the insights, but will also be provided with price suggestions on how to price your property up to 365 days in the future. With price generation, there are various factors that affect but the major one is the prices of a property that are leading in the local market. This factor produces accurate results since it considers properties in the same locality as your property. 1: Sending suggested prices for a service. 2: Showing insights of each day such as Revenue, Average Daily Revenue (ADR), Occupancy, and Suggested Price for each room. 3: Smart Budgeting solution based on historical data. 4: Market rival's price comparison 5: Suggested events based on locality 6: Price change history. 7: Business Insights of the property such as Bookwindow Information, Booker Insights, Pace Report KPI, etc.8: Data Quality Report of a Service.