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Create a link between your CeleryHQ and Mews managed property to interface your customers, services and restaurant transactions.


**CeleryPOS** offers a bespoke integration with your property management system to create a link between your CeleryHQ operated restaurants and your Mews managed properties. 

With this integration, Mews properties can record and manage transactions that occur on a CeleryPOS; and in turn CeleryPOS will integrate with customer profiles found in your Mews Operations.

**Supported Features:**

- Send customer CeleryPOS bills to Mews Operations to be added to a customer’s bill. i.e. when a guest dining at one of your properties asks for their unpaid receipt to be posted onto their Mews bill;
- Find customer names or room number in the CeleryPOS to send the unpaid bill to the guest’s Mews invoice;
- Mews guest account classification is used by CeleryPOS to verify that the guest is in-house and allowed to put charges on their bill;
- View guest account permissions from a variety of classification;
- Find these orders classified as ‘Room Invoice’ in your CeleryPOS reporting and cash terminal end-of-day readings;
- Easily identify CeleryPOS bills on guest’s invoices through Mews Services integration;
- Fully integrated Mews Services are used to easily distinguish and group bills in Customer Profiles and in Mews Accounting Reports.