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Char PMSLink / HMobile connect is a middleware that makes possible the integration of MEWS with hundreds of hotel equipment and systems: PBX, TV, INTERNET, DOMOTIC, GUEST APP's, HOTSPOT, MULTIMEDIA.


For example, some of the integrated and certified systems: PBX: 3CX Alcatel Allied astTECS Asterisk Aastra Auerswald Avaya Bosch (Avaya – Tenovis) Cisco Coral DeTeWe Dialexia Digicen DKDA Darytek Elmeg Epygi Technologies Ericsson (Aastra) Grandstream Issabel Karel Ladel LG LogicPhone Matra (Aastra) Matrix Comsec Microtel Mitel Nec Nec (Philips) Neris (Aastra) NexSpan (Aastra) Nonius Nortel OKI Opera Optima Panasonic PhoneSuite Samsung Sangoma Selta Siemens (Unify) SPC Sofia (Movistar) Telesis Tenovis (Avaya Tenovis) Vodafone ONE NET Vozelia Wildix Xorcom Yeastar and more ... DOMOTIC: Exeon Zennio and more ... HOTSPOT: 4IPNET Cibersuite Networks Eurona Telecom Kubiwireless N2S Nomadix Nonius Plexus Viapass and more ... IPTV: Alcad Amadeus Hospitality Arantia (Televes) EasyOne HiBox Hotwire Fision Stay Ikusi AvanTV TriplePay and more ... MULTIMEDIA: Volara and more ...

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