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Civitfun is an online check-in / check-out SaaS (software as a service) that integrates bidirectionally with more than 50 PMS and is trusted by more than 3,000 hotels.


With Civitfun you will be able to automate all the reception processes, from check-in to check-out.

The connection between Civitfun and MEWS increases the satisfaction of front desk professionals and improves the relationship with guests thanks to our wide range of products:

  • Contactless check-in: Automate your front desk and offer your guests a more satisfying experience with our contactless check-in. More independence for them, more efficiency for your reception.

  • T-Paperless: Save paper and increase your number of online check-ins and streamline workflows with Terminal Paperless, an app that will allow you to offer a space for your guests to check-in from a tablet device when they arrive at the hotel.

  • Payment protection: Give the option to make payments for bookings and tourist taxes during the online check-in process and reduce fraud and chargebacks by 90%.

  • Cross-selling: Give your guests the possibility to add extra services to complete their experience in your hotel and/or at the destination (products, spa access, activities and excursions, etc.).

  • Upselling: Increase the average ticket of your bookings by offering offers to improve the initial booking (superior room, upgrade the meal plan, etc.). Independently or during the online check-in process.

  • Door opening: Give your guests full autonomy and allow them to receive their room key on their device after online check-in, thanks to Civitfun's technology and integration with door opening software.

  • Guestlink: Automate all communications with your guests to improve their satisfaction before, during and after your accommodation: from notifications to check-in/out online, to messages to rate the service or experience, as well as emails for cross-selling and upselling offers.

  • Guest Registration: Automatically send entry forms or required documentation to the authorities and comply with local guest registration laws at your hotel or vacation rental.

  • Contactless check-out: Digitize your hotel check-out, reduce departure time and avoid queues at the front desk. Online check-out allows guests to give notice to leave the room, pay the booking and tourist taxes, so this process is quicker without waiting at the front desk.

Our products will enable you to:

➔ Reduce front desk work by 40%.

➔ Monetize 50% more than the traditional way.

➔ Increase your revenue by €3000 per month.

➔ Improve guest rating ratios by 90%.

Contactless check-in features:

  • Room selection: Guests are able to choose their room during online check-in.

  • Document Scanner: Guests can save time by scanning their ID or passport to automatically fill their data in.

  • Identity Verification: Confirm that the documentation provided by the guest during the online check-in process corresponds to the same person.

  • Surveys: Create a survey that will allow you to get any additional data you need from guests prior to their arrival during the online check-in process.

  • Digital Signature: Let guests sign their hotel contract online in a fast and secure way