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Dayuse is the world leader in daytime hotel reservations, Dayuse is keeping pace with changing consumer trends by inventing a new way to experience hotels.


Boost your revenue by attracting new daytime clientele with

In over 26 countries, 500 cities, and with more than 7,500 hotel partners, from ‘daycations’ to last minute meetings, hotels are being used in new ways.

Dayuse is opening doors to a new world of possibilities by enabling guests to get more from their stay, and hotels to get more from their opening hours.

The DAYUSE and MEWS connectivity will allow your hotel to handled automatically your daytime reservations directly in your PMS.

Supported Features:

- Automatic creations of the hotel and daytime reservation in

- Possibility for guest to book daytime reservation on and for the booking to be pushed in the MEWS pms

- Automatic update of ARI coming from MEWS towards Dayuse System

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