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Generate incremental revenue by offering daytime reservations with the leading global platform for booking hotel experiences during the day.


The DAYUSE - MEWS connectivity will allow your hotel to automatically handle your daytime reservations directly in your PMS and facilitate your operations.

  • Increase your turnover by creating a new revenue stream
  • Attract a new clientele: local guests, travelers and remote workers
  • Optimize your occupancy rate up to 10%

Dayuse has generated over 175 million dollars in business volume in 2023 for its 8,500nhotel partners in 27 countries.

Supported Features

  • Automatic creation of the hotel and daytime reservation in* Possibility for guests to book daytime reservations on and for the bookings to be pushed in the MEWS PMS
  • Automatic update of ARI coming from MEWS towards Dayuse System