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Demand Calendar is the easiest-to-use system for independent hotels to get a full overview of the hotel's performance.


The data is automatically collected from Mews and other systems, pre-analyzed, and visualized to understand trends better and which actions are needed to grow revenue.Marketing, sales, and revenue in one systemSome easy-to-use functions include analyzing marketing campaigns, tracking the sales pipeline, forecasting rooms and revenue, keeping track of pick-up, and accessing fast and accurate revenue reporting. On average, hotels using Demand Calendar have increased their market share by 6 percentage points.Multi-property for hotel groupsDemand Calendar can show each hotel separately and consolidate all hotels in a hotel group. The multi-property features span segments, markets, customers, campaigns, and other variables to fully analyze a hotel group's performance.Advanced functions for hotel groupsDemand Calendar has some of the most advanced functions in the industry. Total revenue forecasting, customer acquisition cost, and cross-check analysis apart from more advanced marketing, sales, and revenue management functions. Your Supported Features: 1. Gives a full overview of your hotel's performance in easy-to-understand graphical overviews 2. Combines data from Mews with your benchmarking, rate shopping and other tools 3. Allows you to drill down into your booking data, grouping on market, channel, rate, company and more 4. Tracks group requests and corporate contracts in a sales pipeline tailored for hotels 5. Consolidates data for multiple properties