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All-in-one solution for digitalizing your guest journey and automating your front-desk (self-checkin, digital roomkeys, upsell, guest communication).

Drop.in enables hotels to automate their frontdesk and cater to next-generation travellers with our web-based digital guest journey.

Our product combines all essential steps of the guest journey into a simple but high-end web app: self check-in, digital roomkeys, a collection of upsell tools and communication tools (Email, SMS, Whatsapp, In-App notifications).

Drop.in significantly lowers overhead for hotel-staff by engaging guests and letting them take control of their own stay.

Supported features:

  1. Reservation created based on Mews webhook
  2. Guest receives confirmation email, with unique URL to the web app
  3. Guest starts web-based pre-checkin flow
  4. Guest profile further completed and update in Mews
  5. Guest adds add-ons in self check-in flow and this is added to PMS
  6. Guest complete self-checkin days before arrival. Pending check-in request is stored in Drop.in backend.
  7. Guest is able to view current bill items + open balance
  8. Guest pays open balance, the amount paid is charged to Mews
  9. On day of arrival every hour, drop.in tries checkin reservation in until the room has become available, inspected and clean.
  10. Receive your room key
  11. Add-ons can be added in-stay
  12. Guest profile can be updated in-stay
  13. Same process for checkout