EasyWay’s contactless communication platform gives you everything you need to digitize and personalize your entire guest journey.

With EasyWay, your guests enjoy an innovative, highly convenient -- and safe -- experience at your hotel while you benefit from new revenue streams, increased operational efficiency and improved engagement with your guests.


  • Contactless communication. 2-way translation empowers you to easily interact with guests in their native language, and on their favorite messaging apps -- before they arrive, while they’re with you and after they leave!
  • Smart upselling. Reach out to your guests with the right offer, at the right time by automating proven marketing tools like contextual upselling. Automatically upgrade empty rooms based on availability and guest segment.
  • Online check-in/out. Deliver a safe guest experience with our customizable check-in/out with secure payment via all major messaging apps. EasyWay is the safe solution for you and your guests in the socially-distanced world.

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