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EUROICC GRMS Toccata enables hotel owners and staff to easily manage, monitor and control rooms and common areas.


Toccata represents a scalable, modular system which optimizes daily operations and improves the quality of hotel management. It provides real-time monitoring of numerous room events such as door state, guest presence, temperature measurement, fan speed. It is intended for usage by the reception and management staff to enable better service and increase energy efficiency. This information is shared with other hotel systems such as BMS, PMS and CMS. Also, part of the integration is getting reservation info from PMS in order to handle room access control. Our software and hardware solutions are reliable, completely programmable and design customizable. Your Supported Features: 1. Room status such as DND, MUR or SOS 2. Room cleanliness status 3. Room presence status 4. Room temperature monitoring and regulation 5. Key card issuing and access log

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