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Now seamlessly receive reservations & manage inventory directly in Mews! With a direct connection to Expedia.


Diversify your distribution by joining the world’s most loved travel brands. Expedia Group offers high visibility across 200 websites and native apps, plus expanded distribution through 90,000 travel agencies and business partners around the world.

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Expedia Group Loyalty Members spend 2.5 times more per year than non-members, and the new loyalty program One Key will accelerate demand with new ways to attract high-value travelers this year.

Valuable opportunities to package your property offering with transportation on Expedia Group also attracts high-value travelers that book multi-item trips with a 42% higher ADR, staying 2.2x longer, and canceling 50% less than individual item bookings.

Extended reach and visibility in Expedia Group’s B2B partner network enables you to fill occupancy all year round, including 40% more off-season and 10% more mid-week with quality travelers around the world.