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Faundit is a fully functional Lost and Found management integration.


Handle all your lost properties and inquiries in one place. We automatically handle everything from contact with guests and payment for shipments to pick-up at your location and express delivery. Turn negative situations into service-changing opportunities.In Mews, it is possible to receive notifications when:1) A guest pays for shipment. Simply download the label and book a pick-up.2) A guest files a lost item inquiry. Simply match it with found items in Faundit.3) Storage time expires for lost properties that can now be disposed of.In Faundit, it is now possible to get the latest reservations for a room, automatically adding contact information to the lost item case smoothly. Being proactive does no longer have to be time-consuming! Your Supported Features: 1. Get the latest reservations for specific rooms while registering found items on Faundit. We automatically contact the guest on your behalf. 2. Receive task notifications when guests pay for shipments - simply download the label and book a pick-up. 3. Receive task notifications when guests file lost item inquiries. 4. Receive task notifications for disposable lost items that have passed storage time.

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