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Flexkeeping helps to manage a hotel's housekeeping and maintenance operational tasks and guest service requests.


The application allows you to update and share information at the tap of a button or via voice control with your team. With Flexkeeping you can assign daily work to your Housekeeping team and update room status in real-time room on the go. Helping you run your hotel better, Flexkeeping connects departments and operations' teams and helps them optimise their work flows, deliver faster guest services, resolve and even prevent issues from happening thus increasing guest satisfaction and your property's profitability.   Flexkeeping is a staff communications and operations management platform that enables your employees to organise their departments better, deliver services faster, resolve and prevent maintenance issues on the fly and tie your whole hotel into one great, connected, superior guest service machine. By facilitating effortless communication amongst staff and the departments, Flexkeeping saves you costs, makes your staff happier and enhances frictionless guest experiences.   Flexkeeping was built on putting hotel staff first. Hotel staff do the heavy lifting and the better the tools they have, the better the service they can provide to their guests. By helping hotel staff do their jobs easier and better, Flexkeeping give them the space they need to accommodate every guest's stay at your property. To deliver the best guest experiences, you have to invest into your staff and provide them with the tools they need, provide them with Flexkeeping. 

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