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For-Sight is a CRM and Marketing Platform that empowers your hotel, turning guest interactions into robust and foolproof marketing campaigns and revenue growth.

As a savvy hospitality professional, you already know that delivering personalised guest experiences is the key to staying ahead in today's hospitality industry. But let's face it - collecting and utilising guest data can be a real challenge. That's where the For-Sight platform comes in, entirely designed for hospitality professionals ready to develop a data-driven strategy and implement marketing personalisation and automation.

For-Sight specialises in detailed reporting and analytics, along with advanced marketing automation. It enables multi-layered segmentation based on deep individual knowledge of your guests, gained through data analysis.

For-Sight is the perfect solution if you're looking at:

  • Consolidating data from across your business - from Mews, Spa, Dining and more
  • Accessing easily a snapshot of your guests’ details, transactions, behaviour and marketing permissions.
  • Personalising the guest experience with targeted multi-channel communications.
  • Automating your marketing at every touchpoint of the guest journey.
  • Tracking the success of your campaigns and guest’s interactions.

And more!

How does it work? Guest data from your Mews Property Management System and other transactional systems automatically get collected, cleaned and analysed, to allow reporting and trigger marketing automations you have in place.

It's time to turn your data into bookings! Schedule a demo with For-Sight today: