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Getwelcom is a guest application allowing accommodation to easily inform their customers, promote their additional services and their local partners.


The guest-app can be accessed during the stay by scanning a QRcode. But the customer can also prepare its stay in the hotel by navigating in the guest app (that is a web app).The hotelier set when and which email is sent to the customer. To do that, we need to know the new reservations created or the reservations that will started. Once the customer is on the guest app, he can order a service when he will arrived (champagne bottle or birthday decoration in the room) or during its stay (room service, spa, breakfast, wine, ...)The avoid operationnal jobs to the hotelier, the order informations are written in the bill of the customer in Mews and a Task is created as a reminder for the hotelier. Your Supported Features: 1. Retrieve the reservation of a customer 2. Add breakfast or any other services 3. Add a new Order