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Goki is a guest facing mobile based door lock solution available for download on IOS and Android.

The application is made available to guests via a link that can be added to the Mews pre-arrival email. Goki provides the added functionality of sharing what information, services and facilities the hotel has to offer. With Goki - your phone is your key! Goki SmartLocks are 99.9% germ free and replace your existing locks or Goki SmartDiscs connect wirelessly to your existing electronic locks. Check-in is slow, expensive to staff and annoying for the guest; Goki is changing that. Guests can download their keys prior to arrival & discover what’s on at their hotel… This speeds up check-in, lowers staff overheads & creates a mobile community for hotels to engage more effectively with their guests. Goki removes typical guest pain points - long queues after long flights, filling out registration forms and scanning ID - by issuing keys to the guests phone and sending them a notification when their room is ready. With Goki, check-in is as easy as ordering an Uber. Supported features: -Find reservation -Update Reservation -Complete Checkin -Extend your stay -Receive your Key


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