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Guest intelligence software, designed to identify problematic, disrespectful guests, causing disruption, destruction, and harm to other guests and staff — also known as Rogue Guests.


Providing a great guest experience is vital for the success of your short term accommodation business. Satisfied guests not only return for repeat stays but also become your brand ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences online and in social circles. Your reputation is the cornerstone of your success, and relying on chance is not a strategy you can afford.

How Good to Book helps

Occasionally, Accommodation Providers encounter an unwelcome dilemma - Rogue Guests. These individuals disrupt other guests, cause property damage, engage in illegal activities, and even resort to violence.

Enter Good to Book, your trusted partner in identifying Rogue Guests before they wreak havoc on your property. Good to Book proactively screens potential troublemakers, helping you mitigate the risk of hosting unwanted guests. The best part? It's entirely legal.

Seamless integration for Booking Managers

Booking Managers, we've got you covered. With the Good to Book integration, you can access essential guest information at the time of booking within the MEWS platform. No more relying on internal blacklists or illegal sharing groups.

The power of a vigilant network

Often, Rogue Guests have already left their mark at nearby properties before targeting yours. Good to Book offers you the backing of a vigilant network of authorised accommodation providers. Members actively report Rogue Guest incidents through the Good to Book platform to flag potential threats for other properties if they become a target — an integrated business tool backed by a community of trusted industry professionals.

The ripple effect of Rogue Guests

The aftermath of hosting a Rogue Guest can be devastating. Unpaid stays, lost revenue due to repairs and cleaning, police callouts, and disruptions to other guests are just the tip of the iceberg. It can lead to early checkouts, unavailable rooms, negative online reviews, staff absences, and harm to staff morale and well-being.