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GuestRevu, helps accommodation providers across the world get a better understanding of their clientele through the data and insights gained from their feedback and online reviews, improve satisfaction, and drive direct bookings.

GuestRevu believe that feedback is essential to the operational and marketing success in the industry as hospitality is more than a service – it’s an experience. Using GuestRevu's award-winning guest feedback and reputation management solutions, hoteliers can gain a deeper, guest-focused understanding of their operational strengths and weaknesses, monitor and manage their online reputation and reviews and improve guest satisfaction to drive more direct bookings and, ultimately, revenue. Specialised group accounts make management across multiple properties faultless. The seamless, integrated experience that GuestRevu and Mews provides enable properties to build guest profiles, automate the sending of guest surveys and collates information between the two systems allowing for effortless collection of invaluable guest insights. GuestRevu is also a TripAdvisor™ Platinum Review Collection Partner and our clients consistently experience more frequent reviews with higher ratings which ultimately leads to an improved TripAdvisor Popularity Index Score.