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HiJiffy built a game-changing all-in-one communication platform for hotels, where the main product is a chat widget installed on the hotel’s website that replies automatically to more than 60% of the queries and helps guests in the booking process.



The platform also centralizes, automates and measures all customer care activities, and the way it works for guests is natural as they can contact through any channel, receive an instant response and book a hotel. HiJiffy's chatbot is designed with a decision tree that guides visitors through the most common questions and concerns. Our artificial intelligence-powered chatbot understands thousands of different questions across 70+ hospitality-related topics and learns from agents’ answers to guests, so that the next time someone asks the same question, the chatbot will instantly reply to guests. When the chatbot does not have an answer to give with a high level of accuracy, it simply transfers the conversation to a hotel agent, which ensures a quality customer care experience. While availability can be found directly in the hotel’s website, many website visitors still prefer to use chat to confirm availability. With HiJiffy’s direct integration with MEWS, users will have access to all available rooms for their selected dates and guests directly within the chat. They are then able to choose a room and be redirected to the booking engine to complete the process. It is also possible to cancel reservations, change dates and send tasks to the right department, directly through chat.

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