Reduce your back-house operational expenses - and watch as it’s happening in real-time - HKeeper, an investment that pays for itself in no time! Hkeeper will shift a hotel's workflow from an existing manual and offline mode to automated and real-time operations.


That means no more paper, pen, or walkie-talkie at your back-house! HKeeper allows you to control your property at a glance from any gadget and anywhere 24/7/365. HKeeper monitors quality performance for each employee and task, time spent on task performance, time paused, and turn-around time. HKeeper counts all used materials, provides real-time stock balances, and generates detailed analytics reports. HKeeper optimizes a financial performance by highlighting the employees' overtime, standard task time limit exceeds, low balances of items in the warehouses, repetitive maintenance issues. HKeeper is a multilingual platform, and you will not have any barriers to communicate with the employees, also 70 % of the information is visual. The existing integration between Hkeeper and Mews will speed up check-in time and increase guest satisfaction. Think about the relief you get from digitizing your back house, and start working smarter with HKeeper!

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