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100% web-based self-service application for your hotel to fully digitalize your guest journey.


Hotelbuddy integrates with Mews PMS to offer contactless guest self-service solutions for hotels and their guests through a web-based application. Guests have the convenience of bypassing queues by completing registration forms, requesting additional services, upgrading their rooms, engaging in real-time chats with hotel staff, and making online payments—all prior to their stay. Additionally, hotels can opt for a streamlined QR kiosk solution, which efficiently serves multiple guests simultaneously and significantly reduces the time spent on reception-related administrative tasks.

During their stay, guests can use Hotelbuddy to cast content from their devices to the TV, review their room charges, place additional service requests, and communicate with the staff. Moreover, guests have the unique capability to unlock their room doors with a single click, thanks to HotelBuddy's IoT-based solution, which can easily be integrated with various electronic door lock systems. Upon departure, guests can effortlessly check out, settle their bills, and receive their invoices automatically.

Hotel administrators are equipped with their own dedicated administrative tool, enabling them to efficiently manage guest profiles, orders, requests, create sales inventory, and oversee door lock configurations and application settings—all in one centralized location.


Supported features:

  • Retrieve and update reservation details
  • Retrieve and update guest profiles and add or delete accompanying guests
  • Retrieve available rooms and room statuses
  • Retrieve room availability for upselling future reservations
  • Assign or release a room to a reservation
  • Check in a reservation. Check out a reservation
  • Apply postings to reservations and payments from an external payment providerRetrieve the bill details and invoices of a reservation