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Hotelinking is the new platform for hotels to acquire, engage and retain more guests.



More specifically, Hotelinking is a set of products that will improve your hotel brand’s online reputation, marketing, direct sales, and loyalty. 1-The first captive portal specifically designed for hotel guests. Easy and fast to access, customizable with your brand and pictures, and gathering verified data. · Emails are all verified in real time. · GDPR 100% compliant. · Welcomes repeating guests. 2. We have developed a unique data match process based on machine Learning that enables both data silos to consolidate creating the ultimate guest profile, which gives a priceless marketing advantage. · Automated data match process. · PMS integrations already developed. · Automated import to Hotelinking CRM. 3-Guests who love your hotel will be enticed to share a post on Facebook during the WiFi login process, so their friends will instantly know about your hotel brand. · Set rewards for any guests who refer their social media friends. · Get thousands of referral clicks and track them. · Booking engine integration for sales tracking. 4-We automatically notify front desk when checked-in guests are not satisfied, helping your staff turn the situation before unhappy guests leave the property. A must-have to avoid unfair reviews which can seriously harm the hotel’s online reputation. · Automated email alerts sent to front desk staff. · Set the satisfaction score to receive filtered alerts. · Track who is actually solving guests issues. 5-Send automated post-checkout emails to every guest, asking for a Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck, Tophotel, or Zoover online review. · Guests are redirected to the right online reputation channel based on their nationality. · See improvement on rankings within weeks. · Get hundreds of new reviews from real guests only. 6- Now that you have a high quality guest database thanks to Hotelinking, it’s time to get your customers back. Send them directly to your website and track every new booking generated. · Advanced segmentation specifically designed for hotel’s loyalty campaigns. · Behavioral email with smart advanced logic. · Automate email campaigns to be sent any time in the future.

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