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Hoteza is an interactive, guest-facing solution for entertainment, information and communication set on various platforms controlled from one CMS.


It includes IPTV solution, mobile & in-room tablet app, Digital Signage and High Speed Internet Access. Hoteza was created as a product of long experience in working in hospitality and IT, combining the valuable market experience and know-how in creating a product to bring together all guest-facing solutions into the same platform for a seamless experience for the guests. We like to make sure our solutions are very intuitive, easy to use and to maintain, and a pleasurable experience for the guest, providing them with a well-rounded service that will highlight their overall hotel stay. By integrating with Mews, we aim to continue providing this seamless, connected experience for the guest throughout their stay at the hotel by giving them personalised journey from the moment they enter the room with their name lighting up on the in-room TV screen, all completely functional within the hotel GUI, written out in guests’ language. To make their stay more pleasurable, they can now order in-room dining, book a massage or reserve a spot at the hotel restaurant within a few clicks through Hoteza system, with bills charged directly to the room, and giving the guests a complete access to their own spendings by having their charges available through our platform at any time.