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Hoxell is an intuitive and easy-to-use integrated hospitality platform that allows, connecting with all major PMS, to digitalize and significantly improve day-to-day tasks of all hospitality facility departments.


Our Quality Operations module allows each member of the staff to send messages, create, and assign tasks. Information becomes clearer and accessible from any device, dramatically reducing human error’s rate, work overload and use of paper. Our Personal Concierge module facilitates real-time relationships and communication between staff and guests during each phase of their journey (pre, mid, and post-stay), allowing to create a bond of trust with the travelers, by personalizing their stay. 1a - Get a list of all future reservations for initialization or re-sync purposes 1b - Get a list of all updated reservations within the defined time interval (normally the current date) Both including related Customers, Rates and Resources information. 2 - Update our database with the latest information.