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iBrowse creates and manages international private WANs for large multinational companies with decentralized sites and needs for high quality communications with full redundancy in multiple countries.


A large portion of the company's customers are hotels to which the company provides various services as Guest Wi-Fi, LAN management, IP telephony... When a hotel client wants to connect to Wi-Fi, for legal reasons iBrowse has to authenticate the guest before giving them access to internet. For this reason, iBrowse has developed various identification methods. One of these methods uses the hotel PMS and checks using the guest’s name and the room number that the hotel client has an active reservation. **iBrowse & Mews PMS**: Mews PMS provides a list of API endpoints that iBrowse can use to authenticate hotel clients. In order to limit the number of requests we will send to Mews connector API, we plan to save in a database information about the property resources (rooms) so that when we will check reservations in the PMS to see if a client has a valid reservation we won't have to retrieve every time information about the resources.