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At incert, we help hotels to expand their offer and maximise sales.


With a customized voucher system, our customers can turn services into attractive gifts, both online and offline.

In additon, a ticketing an reservation system enables the efficient online sale of tickets for a wide variety of events.

Vouchers from the incert e-commerce system are used in a wide variety of ways.

Vouchers and tickets can be stored by the customer on their smartphone (mobile wallet), printed out practically and flexibly at home (print@home), gift cards can be loaded with value amounts or print vouchers can be produced.

We already support over 900 hotels and hotel groups in Europe and simplify the handling of vouchers and tickets for all parties involved.

Seamlessly integrated into the website or as a fully-fledged standalone solution and connected to MEWS.

Supported Features:

Incert offers the option of connecting MEWS via a posting interface.

The redemption of vouchers is transferred to MEWS via the interface and shown on the guest's invoice as a credit / invoice deduction.

The voucher is redeemed in the incert voucher-system and the guest to whom the redemption is addressed in MEWS is selected during redemption.

The receptionist continues to work in incert to redeem the voucher, but an automated transfer to MEWS takes place.

  1. In the incert voucher-system, a selection field is displayed on the cancellation interface where the guest's surname can be searched for.
  2. The system displays bookings for this name, from which you can select the guest you are looking for.
  3. The voucher is redeemed in the incert voucher-system.
  4. The redemption is sent from the incert voucher-system to MEWS on the guest's invoice as a credit / invoice deduction