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Intello by Telus i-Hotel is a quality and feature-rich guest HSIA solution for the lodging industry.


Internet access is one of the key factors guests or tenants rely upon. Guests may decide to never come back to a hotel if their Internet experience is poor. Tenants that need Internet access to stay in contact with loved ones or work from home can be easily frustrated by a bad or slow network. For many hotels, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), and retirement homes, Intello’s turnkey solutions provide the best user experience. Our many features include responsive multilingual login pages, Personal Area Networks, PMS interfacing for hotels, user bandwidth limiting and grouping, free or paid guest/tenant Internet, remote equipment monitoring, 24/7/365 user support, and much more to provide a complete, robust solution. The integration with Mews will allow hotels with both our solutions to have a self-serve internet portal for their guests.