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The guest journey of tomorrow - Automation and self service for rental and accommodation businesses.


Invite revolutionizes the guest experience by seamlessly integrating booking systems, rental units, and smart devices into an interconnected ecosystem.

Its automated check-in process ensures a hassle-free arrival, while the personalized guest portal, accessible without any downloads, becomes a centralized hub for guests.

From managing digital keys to adjusting temperatures and facilitating automated checkouts, Invite empowers guests with control over their stay.

Meanwhile, property owners benefit from a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring and remote device management across all units.

Supported Features:

  1. Booking is made in Mews
  2. Mews sends webhook request to Invite
  3. Invite programs a digital lock and sends the key to the guest.
  4. If there are changes to the booking (time slot, guest contact information), the information in Invite is updated and the digital key duration is adjusted accordingly.