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Jana Concierge is a collaborative web application that boosts guest satisfaction and quality of service.



At Jana, we love empowering front-of-house teams to deliver exceptional guest experience because we believe that excellent service is what separates the good from the great. Our heart is guest engagement. Strengthen a personalized relationship by using your guests' preferred modern channels of communication: SMS/text, WhatsApp, email. When your guest wants a dinner reservation, a taxi, some flowers, or anything under the sun—whatever their request may be—save time and keep track of everything with robust request management tools that integrate seamlessly with our omni-channel inbox. We also want to highlight what makes your hotel unique while promoting upsells. Put your spa, coffee shop, or other services in the pocket of your guest via a simple client-facing application. We'll provide automated statistics & reports that will allow you to constantly monitor and improve your performance. Go above and beyond for your guests with Jana Concierge. Create a unique experience and empower your teams to deliver exceptional quality of service and improve customer loyalty. Supported features: Communicate with your guests via SMS/text and WhatsApp Manage all guest requests in one place with enriched guest profiles Guest application to sell and showcase your services Personalized branding

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