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Knowcross is the world’s leading provider of service quality and hotel operations optimization software solutions for the hospitality industry.


The platform helps hotels maximize efficiency, increase productivity and elevate guest experience – with a direct impact on increasing the bottom-line. The Knowcross platform gives hotels the power of data. Backed by its robust tracking and analytical tools and intuitive real-time reporting, the platform bridges the gap between guest preferences and the associated service deliverance. It also empowers the management at hotels with key data-driven insights, which they can use to analyze past performances and formulate future strategies to achieve operational and service excellence. This enables hotels to reduce guest service time, increase staff productivity, minimize delays and wrong deliveries, identify trends, and analyze performances automatically. The platform includes six software applications- KNOW Service, KNOW Housekeeping, KNOW Glitch, KNOW Inspection, KNOW Maintenance and KNOW Tenant. These applications are fully customizable, multilingual, cloud based and are offered as both stand-alone and bundled packages. The platform is interfaced to a number of leading PMS Systems, in-room control systems, messaging gateways and safety & security systems. • KNOW Service automates the handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs, thus ensuring high quality service and high staff productivity. • KNOW Housekeeping automates and helps streamline housekeeping activities, resulting in double digit improvements in productivity and guest satisfaction. • KNOW Glitch is a hotel service recovery software which allows users to effectively manage their service breakdown issues and guest complaints, thereby significantly reducing guest dissatisfaction. • KNOW Inspection is a 21st century electronic checklist designed to handle scheduled inspections and activity to-do lists. This paperless efficiency drives faster communication and provides a more accurate measurement of performance. • KNOW Maintenance is a cloud based multilingual application that automates, schedules and monitors all preventive maintenance activities, thus ensuring superior guest satisfaction, minimized malfunction accidents and maximized equipment lifetimes. • KNOW Tenant is an easy and intuitive app that helps tenants log in requests and maintenance jobs for facility, asset and property management teams to take action on.