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Maximize revenue and minimize effort with 365 days of optimized room rates direct to your PMS.

Base your pricing on the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable data, effortlessly, through the Mews 2-way integration with Pricing Manager. Your rate recommendations are tailored to your rules and hotel occupancy, market demand and competitors, to increase your revenue. View our recommendation breakdowns in our user-friendly dashboard and apply with 1 click, or choose Autopilot for fully automated rate sending directly to your PMS, giving you your valuable time back for your guests.


  • Optimized room rates updated hourly for the next 365 days
  • Transparent recommendations based on your rules, occupancy, competitors & events
  • Sync your pricing directly with your PMS & set Autopilot to save time
  • User-friendly dashboard built specifically for independent hoteliers
  • Base your rates on the most diverse and trusted data set in the hospitality industry, and benefit from our outstanding customer service, rated great or amazing by 98.2% of our customers