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Logit by triSaaS allows its users to complete digital checklists from a mobile device, tablet, or Pc/Laptop.


With Logit, housekeeping staff can complete room cleaning and checks and then update a central point, which will provide feedback to front-of-house staff on the state of the rooms.

Logit integrates with Mews by collecting room data (occupancy & housekeeping states) from Mews and feeding this back into Logit for any matched rooms.

The integration with Mews allows Logit to be up to date in near real-time on room occupancy & housekeeping states changed within Mews. The integration also allows the housekeeping states to be updated from a Logit checklist back to the Mews system.

This integration takes away the pain of having to update two systems for housekeeping changes with front-of-house staff being updated in near real-time.


Supported features:

- Create a relationship between Mews Resources and Logit Locations

- Sync Housekeeping & Occupancy Status

- Update Housekeeping Status from Logit to Mews

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