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Loopon is an all-in-one engagement platform for hotels to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty at all stages of the guest journey.

With Loopon you can automate upselling before the stay, provide information and chat during the stay, request and act upon feedback after the stay and monitor all relevant online reputation sources. Loopon is composed of three separate modules, which all work together as a whole but you can also pick and choose the modules you need: Loopon Pre-Stay: With commission-free upselling & customization, your imagination is the only limit to how you can surprise your guests and exceed their expectations. Today's hotel guests are seeking unique experiences. By giving your guests the possibility to design their experience during the planning phase before visiting the hotel, you will give them more enriching and fulfilling experiences. * Send automatic pre-stay upselling and info e-mails, easily configurable & beautifully tailored to your hotel's design. * Make the booking process as simple & frictionless as possible, by separating upselling & extra services to the pre-arrival email when the guest has already committed to staying with you. * Offer guests room upgrades to optimise room type occupancy – a sold premium room not only generates extra revenue but also lets you sell your standard room again. * Endless number of smart & creative upselling opportunities: * Let guests bring their pets * Offer romantic packages * Ensure guests eat breakfast at your buffet * Provide local specials as treats in the room when arriving * Sell massage treatments * Provide tourist packages * Sell restaurant menus * your imagination is the only limit! We will automatically customize the offers included in your pre-arrival emails based on information from previous visits, target group preferences, and many other parameters to obtain optimal conversion rates. With Loopon Pre-Stay you will increase your revenue at the same time as your guests get a better experience and the reception staff saves time by not having to ask about upgrades. That's what we call a win-win situation. Loopon In-Stay: Chat, real-time feedback, info and concierge services without asking your guests to download anything. Today's hotel guests are used to having all they need a click away. With in-stay communication, you provide them with just that. Being attentive & listening to your hotel guests during their stay might just be the very difference between a positive OTA review and a negative one. The Loopon In-Stay experience can be initiated by e-mail, sms, or a simple QR code in the room. * Let guests chat with the staff using their own preferred channel (sms, e-mail, web or Facebook Messenger). * Solve problems efficiently & in a short time while the guest is still at your hotel. * Automatic alerts for escalating issues (app notification, e-mail, sms, phone call). Make sure no guests are left waiting too long for a response. * Offer guests concierge & room service services through a familiar and convenient interface. * Respond to guest requests & delegate tasks to relevant departments. * Receive real-time feedback from guests during their stay. By the way, when we say real-time feedback – we mean real-time feedback. No need to refresh a page to see the new comments. If a guest messages you during the stay, you will get a real-time notification inside the Loopon web app as well as in your iPhone app. If you don't respond to that, we can send you an sms, e-mail and even make a phone call to remind you that a guest needs attention. Loopon Post-Stay: Honest feedback from your own guests in a larger quantity than any public review site is the best source of data for both strategic decisions and running a quick experiment with immediate results on guest satisfaction. Using post-stay surveys is a common practice for most hotels today. That's why we work so hard on making our surveys stand out as short one-page questionnaires, beautifully designed and easy to answer. We always optimise the guest experience as our first priority. * Send beautiful and simple surveys that are specifically tailored to your graphical profile. * Let your guests share their feedback on TripAdvisor for up to 400% more public reviews. * Loopon's surveys help you solve problems instantly but also gather data over time to highlight recurring challenges and strategic opportunities at the hotel. * Delight your guests with personal replies and follow-ups to boost loyalty. * Easily share the feedback with the relevant departments. Last but not least, Loopon Post-Stay also collects all relevant OTA-feedback and lets you respond to it as well – so you have full control of your guest satisfaction in a single system.


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