LoungeUp is a guest relationship and data management platform designed for hotels to increase their revenue and improve their guest satisfaction through the smart use of data. This platform allows hoteliers to personalise and automate interactions with guests across all communication channels (emails / SMS / guest portal / chat / push notifications...). LoungeUp centralises guest data from PMS, social networks, online reputation, and any other third party software and SMS / email / chat conversations, this provides hotel owners with enhanced guest profiles and an ultra-fast search engine, which allows them to personnalise the experience and the marketing actions according to each guest. THE GUESTS FEEL ACCOMPANIED THROUGHOUT THEIR WHOLE JOURNEY: ‣ Straight after the booking process, guests are directly in touch with the hotel by way of familiar channels such as SMS or email, and they receive relevant information concerning their future stay. ‣ Guests have access to an extensive portable travel guide designed to enable them to make the most of their stay and to prepare their visit prior to arrival. ‣ Pain points are relieved: pre-filled digital police registration forms to speed up the arrival process, a digital room key, online forms to report problems or book services in just a few clicks, … ‣ Guests have many ways in which they can contact the hotel: SMS, email, chat, messenger… THE HOTEL EASILY CATERS TO EACH GUEST’S NEEDS: ‣ It is easier for hotels to provide tailored services and recommendations when they have access to their guests’ preferences. Ultra-personalisation becomes effortless and drives more revenue (around €10 additional revenue per customer) ‣ The reception can focus more on guest care when administrative works are simplified and automated (booking confirmation, stay preparation, check-in, welcome message, satisfaction survey...) ‣ Loyalty actions are more relevant and effective as they are ultra-personalised to each guest.

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