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Loyalty Program by Loyco


Plug and play loyalty platform, compatible with Mews PMS, for enhanced guest loyalty experiences with personalized rewards.


Activating the "plug and play" loyalty platform in your hotel to enhance the personalized guest experience, aligning with your brand's unique identity. This platform, which integrates seamlessly with Mews PMS, enables you to develop and manage a loyalty program that embodies your values, generates direct bookings, and offers customized rewards to your guests. Adopting this specialized loyalty solution will likely increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, making each stay more rewarding for both your guests and your business.

Adding Value for Guests, Receptionists, and Managers


  • All-in-one loyalty platform: Keep it simple and effective – our all-in-one loyalty platform is your solution for easily identifying and gaining more loyal guests.
  • Tailored for standalone hotels and mid-sized hotel chains: You do not need a large marketing team to generate loyal guests. Automation is key, Loyco integrates directly with Mews PMS.
  • Convert OTA to Direct Bookings: Features as “member booster” function, enabling the conversion of OTA bookings to direct bookings.
  • Automated Member Care: Make your members feel appreciated with automatic follow-ups. Provide benefits and content tailored to their preferences and history, giving them a personalized experience before, during, and after their stay.
  • Campaigns, Newsletters, and Automatic Rewarding: Utilize our intuitive email builder for seamless campaign creation and delivery, while guests automatically earn points, gift cards, offers, or benefits for their stays and expenditures, redeemable as payment to foster repeat visits.

Guest -> Member

Guest access “my page” for a summary of benefits, member level, digital receipts, personalized follow-up and preferable member settings.

Receptionist -> Operator

Seamless guest loyalty access for receptionists: Directly Linked to Mews PMS Customer Cards. Instantly view member status, tier levels, and associated benefits, ensuring guests receive the service they deserve.

Manager -> Program owner

Optimise and automate your loyalty program with the Loyco Dashboard — an all-in-one interface for efficient management of settings, benefits, campaigns, communications, email building, reports, segments and statistics.

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