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Nothing is more painfull than having to drag around your bag while on vacation trying to explore the new destination LuggageHero is an on demand luggage storage company that free up your guests from their luggage while they are waiting for their room to be ready for check-in (or after check-out before going to the airport).


Your guests will only pay for the time they store their luggage and no upfront payment is needed. At LuggageHero we are determined to give your guests a safe, convenient and easy to use product so they can enjoy every step of their journey. Connecting your Mews account to LuggageHero's software allows us to pull reservation data from Mews and use that data to locate relevant bookings. Based on this data we create and send a link either directly to you or your guests or you informing about relevant luggage storage in your city (location specific deeplink). You can then share this link with your guests including 1 hour of free luggage storage at one of LuggageHeros storage points.