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m3connect’s solutions offer many possibilities to communicate with your guests, provide them with information, and offer them services such as WiFi access or streaming their own content via the room TV.


By connecting the solutions to the PMS, these services can be further individualized and best tailored to your guests to improve the guest experience.

Features – General: 

  • Connecting our technology to the PMS: Integrating our technology with the Property Management System (PMS) enables seamless communication between the two systems.
  • Individualization of the Guest Journey and Guest Communication: Our platform leverages the data provided in the PMS to personalize the guest experience and enable more effective communication with guests.

Features - WiFi portal: 

  • Special WiFi rates and increased bandwidths for customer club members: By querying customer data in the PMS, we can offer special WiFi rates and higher bandwidths for customer club members.
  • Recognition of customers across locations: Guests are recognized across locations without having to repeatedly log in via the landing page.

Features - TV portal: 

  • Invoice display: Guests can view their invoices via the TV portal.
  • Personal guest greeting: Based on the data in the PMS, a personal greeting is displayed for each guest.
  • Automatic language settings and channel list: The TV's language settings and channel list sorting are selected automatically according to the guest's nationality.
  • Individual messages: We enable sending individual messages to individual guests or groups of guests.
  • Video-on-demand content restrictions: Restrictions are implemented for video-on-demand content to ensure that it is appropriate for the guest's age group.


  • Improving the guest experience: By integrating our technology with the PMS, we can significantly improve the guest experience.
  • Individualized offers for customer club members: The integration enables individualized offers to increase the attractiveness of customer club membership.
  • Cost and time savings: By integrating our technology with the PMS, hotels can save costs and time in manual data entry and processing.
  • Security and privacy: We implement strict security and privacy standards to protect sensitive guest data and ensure that all relevant rules and regulations are met.
  • Optimization of internal hotel processes: The automation of processes, such as billing information, helps to optimize internal hotel operations.