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The Magna Opes system is designed to make a hotelier's life easier.


The Magna Opes system is designed to make a hotelier's life easier. All reports collated arrive in a hotelier's inbox first thing in the morning. It allows hoteliers to see their financial and occupancy pick up compared to their forecast and budget. It allows them to see what days have picked up and the pace of pick up by day, month, and year. This enables them to make informed decisions on yield management and scheduling of staff and resources. In addition, individual reservations can be easily evaluated. Pulling in the cancellations, and reservations created daily. This allows the hotelier to see any trends that might be arising and any errors that might have occurred. The information is stored in a cloud environment, so that the hotelier can do greater in-depth analysis as and when. They can review pace, forecast accuracy, rate code analysis, and market segmentation analysis. This allows the hotelier to quickly and easily understand their business in order to make strategic decisions to increase their room revenue. Supported features: Pulls in reservation data, including the number of rooms sold, revenue, rate code, and business segments.