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Maitre simplifies hotel management with an easy-to-use tool for management, supervision and communication.


Digital morning meeting notes to staff for daily reminders and focused team tasks.

View room specs and add specific notes for rooms (VIP, specific guest requests for staff to see).

Live tracking of room status as well as ability to adjust room boards and re-allocate in real time (Example: DND updates in real time).

Room Auto-Allocation: Allows hotels to customize the auto allocation algorithm meaning allocations are completed with one click.

Service Time Preference: Allows guests to request preferred times for their rooms to be serviced.

Maitre allows staff to keep management updated on room statuses in real time. Staff also have access to specific room information and are notified of room allocation changes in real time.

Performance Ratings: Evaluate your staff efficiency and service quality.

Time Tracking: Track the time your staff spend on cleaning.

Maitre is a comprehensive tool, designed to seamlessly coordinate Management, Front Desk, Concierge, Engineering, and Maintenance tasks in your hotel.

Create, track, and monitor guest requests, all while adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). With customizable checklists and robust project management features, your focus can remain on delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

We integrate with both PMS and scheduling systems to minimize the input required by management and maximize value.

The top Integration Features with Mews (up to 5) - which features are supported by the interface

Supported Features:

  • Pull the occupation statuses from Mews and update the room statuses accordingly in Maitre.
  • Pull and push the housekeeping statuses from Mews and update the room statuses accordingly in Mews and Maitre.
  • Pull the reservation data from Mews to update the room reservation statuses in Maitre.
  • Pull in the guest info:
  • Guests name(s) Check-in/out date and time
  • VIP status
  • Contact info (phone, email)
  • Guest traces/notes
  • Preference codes - guest preferences ("high floor" for example)
  • Specials Codes - special requests pertaining to the reservation itself ("crib in the room", "birthday decorations", etc.)