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Manet web application is a digital concierge that can be used by guests before, during and after their stay.


The app contains information about the property, direct booking of ancillary services, tourist guide, travel tools and much more. Through the integration between Manet and Mews, from now on any property can take advantage of the services offered by Manet without have to make not even the smallest change in its chain of work. A background service will run everyday and will check if some of the guests have made a new check in; if that is the case, the system will send an automatic welcome email to the guest, containing the link for Manet web app, without any operation performed by property's stuff. Property's manager will have a new customized web app available on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet) that can be used to upsell ancillary services and to stay in contact with guests during their stay, all in an automatic fashion that won't touch the property's daily operations.